Sentimental SMS Messages for Special Someone

You are the rarest sort of individual to discover, you have all the great characteristics to be a sweetheart.

I am so cheerful to have you on my life. I cherish you!

The comprehension between you and me is so flawless,

so we have not confronted any issues.

You are such a justifiable individual I have ever observed.

We met as outsiders previously;

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you are there to think about me in my future,

you can comprehend me exceptionally well in the present.

I have you in my past, present and future so I require not stress over things.

You are the best thing I have been talented by God.

My brain is dependent on you and never needs to be far from you

I need to spend whatever is left of my existence with you

wish to get liquefied with your grin,

make my heart beat sing a melody alongside your heart beat,

get myself lost inside your adoration

I would surrender all that I hold dear just to be with you generally.

My heart is focused on you and you are my main individual on…

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You light up my life and one grin from you resembles a 100 watt globule blazing in my face.

The brilliance that you have brought into my until now dim world is past clarification.

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Basically, you are the one for me. I cherish you with the majority of my heart.

Sentimental Text Messages

I wanna be your pad and I wish to feel your glow constantly under your adorable face.

I am your fortunate cushion to get your much love each night

These days I am not stressing or stressing myself an excessive amount of in light of the fact that I am in the hands of you

hands of the ideal individual and the correct place where I will be guided consummately to the goal of progress

I need to give you a tight embrace,

a warm kiss on your brow,

hold your hands and say I cherish you and fortune you to such an extent

I generally need to begin my morning with your snuggling,

sentimental embrace around my neck. Your lips kissing my cheeks.

Your heart beat tapping the musicalit…